Do you ever look in the mirror and examine the skin on your back?

Don’t neglect your back! Because many people don’t look at their backs, they just assume that nothing is happening there and that their back skin is fine. However, when I do a total body exam, a careful look at my patient’s back is very important. Atypical moles, which may be precursors of malignant melanomas, as well as growths that can become basal and squamous cell carcinomas need special attention. In addition, significant amounts of sun damage is often seen on the back. In many cases, treating this damaged skin can prevent future malignancies.

Furthermore, the back is also frequently a site for breakouts, usually very large, and with a tendency towards scarring. If you have not had a body scan which included a thorough look at your back, I highly recommend it. Skin on the back can be treated very similarly as I treat skin on the face, hands and arms.

 So don’t neglect your back in taking care of your total skin!

– Dr. Bussell

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2 thoughts on “Do you ever look in the mirror and examine the skin on your back?

  1. Does your office offer any back facial treatments? Thanks so much!

    • Treatments for the back for severe breakouts are done in our office in a manner similar to which we treat facial breakouts. It’s important with many infected follicular lesions to appropriately drain the area, peel it, and inject with an anti-inflammatory cortisone agent whenever indicated. The aggressive in-office treatment of severe back acne and folliculitis is just as important as treating facial lesions.

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