How does a mole change?

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How Does a Mole Change?

In addition to checking out the ABCDs, you should watch for change.

Size: The mole suddenly or continuously gets larger.

Color: A wide variety of colors or color combinations appear. Color might spread from the edge into the surrounding tissue.

Elevation: A mole that was flat or slightly elevated increases in height rapidly.

Surrounding skin: The skin around a mole becomes red or develops colored blemishes or swellings.

Surface: A smooth mole develops scaliness, erosion, oozing. Crusting, ulceration, or bleeding are signs of more advanced disease.

Sensation: Itching is the most common early symptom, and there may also be feelings of tenderness or pain. Nonetheless, remember that skin cancers are usually painless. Look for a new growth or any change in color, size or bleeding of a skin lesion.







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