Dangerous Food Additives

California has recently banned certain dangerous food additives, although this ban will not take place immediately, but rather overtime. At BEVERLY HILLS DERMATOLOGY CONSULTANTS, we are concerned not only about the health of your skin but the health of your entire body. We find this to be significant information of which everybody should be aware. We want you all to stay healthy and that is why we are sharing this information with you. This article from Consumer Reports gives an excellent summary of the situation.
Letantia Bussell, MD
Director and Founder
Beverly Hills Dermatology Consultants

What is seborrheic dermatitis on the scalp?

If your scalp itches, you might have seborrheic dermatitis, which sometimes presents as severe dandruff. There are many ways you can treat dandruff, or seborrheic dermatitis at home. Begin by washing your hair frequently. If every day is too difficult, then wash it every other day. Always use a gentle shampoo at first and try to get your scalp clean, without scratching. Allow it to sit while you wash the rest of your body and then rinse thoroughly. Follow with your favorite conditioner. If this treatment is not enough, you can use an over-the-counter dandruff shampoo containing zinc or selenium and, for stubborn cases, one containing ketoconazole, which is an effective antifungal agent.

It is also important to dry the hair completely after you shower, using a hair dryer because you don’t want dampness to create an environment where fungus and yeast can grow. If you have long hair, a hair dryer brush might be a good option, as it both dries and styles the hair at the same time. There are several different styles of brush dryer, including this one from Revlon (https://www.revlonhairtools.shop/).

If despite these measures your condition persist, you may need to come to the office for stronger prescription medications. Psoriasis can also sometimes look like seborrheic dermatitis and may require in-office treatment. There are many new very effective oral, as well as topical medications for both conditions.

– Dr. Bussell

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Are Mini Face Lifts at Our Office for You?

Our office devises custom Mini Face Lifts, which we individualize for each patient depending upon their areas of concern.

The intent of the Mini Face Lift is to significantly minimize jowls and turkey neck. Results are visible immediately following the procedure.  A variation of our Two-Stitch Mini Lift and Bussell Button Lift, our technique is unique to Beverly Hills Dermatology Consultants and was created solely by Dr. Letantia Bussell many years ago to avoid complications of more invasive plastic surgical face lifts and afford patients a less costly alternative.

They are performed under local anesthesia in our surgery suites. The entire procedure is usually completed in less than three hours. The down time is generally minimal and most people return to normal activities the next day. The Mini Face Lift is designed to achieve a younger appearance by removing a small section of skin from behind the ears, along the jawline, or within the scalp. Sutures are placed for approximately 10-14 days. Side effects are uncommon but can include allergic reactions to local anesthesia, sensitivity reactions to suture material, bruising and, rarely, numbness at the suture site.

– Dr. Bussell

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Are Your Ankles Itching?

While summer has come to a close, the aggressive Aedes mosquito that made its way to Southern California during the warmer months is here through fall. As this smaller, tropical mosquito is a poor flier, it tends to stay close to the ground and bite people on their ankles and legs, even through clothing. Unlike common mosquitoes, the Aedes does not need abundant stagnant water to reproduce, which means it can be lurking anywhere with just a small amount of water – such as a garden pot or rain gutter – and they are active biters throughout the entire day, although they prefer shade. Should you notice any itchy skin or redness on your legs or ankles, you may have been exposed to the Aedes mosquito. Do not scratch, as this can cause infection. If you experience discomfort, come into the office for a consultation we will prescribe treatment for relief.

– Dr. Bussell

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BH Derm Summer Specials!!

10% off Juvéderm Collection of Fillers

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10% off Botox Injections

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10% off Other Cosmetic Procedures

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  • Micro-resurfacing (full face) $90 (rejuvenates the skin)

10% off Collection of Injectables

  • Kybella 0.1 cc (recommend minimum 6 injections per visit) $63 (per 0.1cc) (diminishes fat in the neck below the chin)
  • Radiesse 1.5cc $925 (fills areas of thin or wrinkled skin)
  • Belotero 1.0 cc $585 (helps smooth tear troughs or under eye recessions)
  • Mini/Button Lift Procedures – Starting at $5,400 (helps sagging jawline and upper neck)

10% off Bussell Skin Care Products

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  • Hydro-Sal Fade FormulaTM $40, Sunblock Lotion $16

*Special Ends Labor Day. Prices above reflect cost after special. Special will only be applied on products purchased in-office.

Coronavirus and Ibuprofen

coronavirusThere have been questions raised on the internet regarding the safety of ibuprofen in patients infected with the coronavirus. My recommendation is to avoid ibuprofen at this time and take acetaminophen (paracetamol) instead for either fever or pain. There is some indication that the anti-inflammatory mechanism by which ibuprofen works within the cells interferes with lung cells’ ability to remove the virus from the airways. It is not worth the risk of taking it since there are alternatives for pain and inflammation. However, it is reasonable to assume that all NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) should be avoided. Acetaminophen (paracetamol) is not an NSAID.

– Dr. Bussell

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Your Skin

The coronavirus can manifest through a sore throat, cough, runny nose, extreme fatigue and severe muscle aches. Lately, there have been reports of people who have tested positive for COVID-19 losing their senses of smell and taste. While so far there are no skin rashes directly associated with the coronavirus, they can be related to frequent hand washing and the increased use of surgical masks.

While it is recommended to wash your hands often to reduce the chances of infecting yourself or others, this can also result in dry skin. Overly dry skin can cause cracking and small tears to develop secondary to the dryness, which can act as an entrance for viruses, as well as bacteria.

We recommend you use a moisturizer of your choice frequently throughout the day. Our Bussell Skin Care Multivitamin Moisturizer is a particularly good option because it lubricates, relieves itching and forms a protective barrier on the skin that helps prevent infection from easily taking hold. In addition, our Toner contains alcohol and acetone, which are excellent antiseptic agents. We are well-stocked with them in the office and they can be ordered by calling us or going online at bussellskincare.com.

With the increased use of surgical masks, you may experience more sweating on your face and/or acne breakouts. If you find you are getting any acne lesions on your face, again our toner is antiseptic and can be used throughout the day, not only for acne breakouts but to help clear the skin of virus. You should clean your skin when you take the mask off at home and moisturize.

At Beverly Hills Dermatology Consultants, we are open for in-office procedures and we are also offering telemedicine consultations, unrelated to your health insurance. Call the office at (310) 550-7661 or write to contact@bhderm.com to register and schedule your telehealth consultation.

– Dr. Bussell

Beverly Hills Dermatology Consultants

433 N. Camden Drive, Suite 805 Beverly Hills, CA 90210 | 310-550-7661

Beverly Hills Dermatology Consultants Telemedicine

We are open for in-office procedures as well as telemedicine. Call us at (310) 550-7661 or email contact@bhderm.com for details.


Dear Patients, 
We are open if you need us for in-office procedures. 
We have implemented the recommended disinfection protocols in the office. 
We are also available for discounted credit card telemedicine consultations as follows: 
  • We can address your skin problems over the phone, preferably with photos being sent to us at contact@bhderm.com
  • Call us at (310) 550-7661. After credit card payment over the phone, we can then fax prescriptions, as needed, and/or give over the counter treatment recommendations. You must provide your pharmacy fax number. 

COST billed to your credit card: 

  • New patient initial consultation: $225
  • Established patient consultation: $175

Unusually complex consultations or coordination of care with your other providers will be quoted accordingly. By providing us with your credit card information, you are agreeing to our telemedicine procedures and fee structure, separate from your health insurance. 


The federal government is considering the approval of chloroquine / hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of coronavirus. If your symptoms meet the criteria for coronavirus treatment, we can fax a prescription for this medication to the pharmacy whose fax number you provide us. Not all pharmacies will have this medication in stock. When it becomes readily available, pharmacies can order this from their suppliers for you. This is a well-known, relatively safe medication. Please check within your pharmacy before asking us to fax a prescription for this medication. 

Our thoughts are with you during these difficult times. 

Warmest regards,

The staff at Beverly Hills Dermatology Consultants