Beverly Hills Dermatology Consultants Telemedicine

We are open for in-office procedures as well as telemedicine. Call us at (310) 550-7661 or email for details.


Dear Patients, 
We are open if you need us for in-office procedures. 
We have implemented the recommended disinfection protocols in the office. 
We are also available for discounted credit card telemedicine consultations as follows: 
  • We can address your skin problems over the phone, preferably with photos being sent to us at
  • Call us at (310) 550-7661. After credit card payment over the phone, we can then fax prescriptions, as needed, and/or give over the counter treatment recommendations. You must provide your pharmacy fax number. 

COST billed to your credit card: 

  • New patient initial consultation: $225
  • Established patient consultation: $175

Unusually complex consultations or coordination of care with your other providers will be quoted accordingly. By providing us with your credit card information, you are agreeing to our telemedicine procedures and fee structure, separate from your health insurance. 


The federal government is considering the approval of chloroquine / hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of coronavirus. If your symptoms meet the criteria for coronavirus treatment, we can fax a prescription for this medication to the pharmacy whose fax number you provide us. Not all pharmacies will have this medication in stock. When it becomes readily available, pharmacies can order this from their suppliers for you. This is a well-known, relatively safe medication. Please check within your pharmacy before asking us to fax a prescription for this medication. 

Our thoughts are with you during these difficult times. 

Warmest regards,

The staff at Beverly Hills Dermatology Consultants


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