Are Your Ankles Itching?

While summer has come to a close, the aggressive Aedes mosquito that made its way to Southern California during the warmer months is here through fall. As this smaller, tropical mosquito is a poor flier, it tends to stay close to the ground and bite people on their ankles and legs, even through clothing. Unlike common mosquitoes, the Aedes does not need abundant stagnant water to reproduce, which means it can be lurking anywhere with just a small amount of water – such as a garden pot or rain gutter – and they are active biters throughout the entire day, although they prefer shade. Should you notice any itchy skin or redness on your legs or ankles, you may have been exposed to the Aedes mosquito. Do not scratch, as this can cause infection. If you experience discomfort, come into the office for a consultation we will prescribe treatment for relief.

– Dr. Bussell

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