Can a summertime rash that looks like insect bites be something else?

Shingles (Herpes Zoster) looking like summer insect bites

There is a condition commonly known as Shingles, which is medically known as Herpes Zoster. This is not related to the STD Herpes Simplex. It represents a reinfection with, or a reactivation of, the chickenpox virus. The rash consists of small fluid-filled bumps on the surface of the skin in clusters. These clusters may be small, as in the photo shown, or can wrap around one side of the body in a Shingles-like fashion.

The treatment for this rash is very different from the treatment for insect bite reactions. Individuals who experience itching, burning and/or tingling and pain with a rash as described should see a dermatologist for anti-viral treatment, as well as medication for pain and itching.

– Dr. Bussell

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