Men, do your beards grow back into your skin and cause breakouts?

An easy technique to encourage whiskers to grow out of the skin and to avoid ingrown hairs is to liberally soap up a wash cloth with our Bussell Skin Care antibacterial liquid soap, and use it to vigorously scrub the entire face, paying attention to the whisker areas. Doing so will raise the hairs and help lift them out of the skin’s surface so that shaving afterwards becomes more complete. In many cases, this will completely resolve the problem. In more stubborn or long-standing conditions, topical and/or oral antibiotic therapy, injections into cysts with a mild anti-inflammatory medicine, and gently removing ingrown hairs as a source of infection can be easily done during an office visit.

Whether you use a wet razor or an electric razor really depends on your skin’s preference. Try each and determine which your skin prefers. Remember to toss wet razors frequently, ideally after each shave, but at least twice a week.

– Dr. Bussell

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