What can be done for acne on the back and chest?

Acne on the back and chest is very common in men and women.  Usually these breakouts are very large and often painful.   Appropriate antibiotic therapy is very helpful in clearing this condition.  I have found that it is important to do a bacterial culture of a specimen from within these breakouts, as I do with facial breakouts.  The culture identifies the type of bacteria present and also tells me which are the most effective antibiotics for it.  This step  is important because bacteria can be sensitive to some antibiotics and resistant to others.  This procedure avoids unnecessary long-term use of ineffective antibiotics, which can be harmful.

Until you are able to come to the office for a culture, here are some suggestions:

– Keep the area as clean and dry as possible.
– Avoid application of greasy lotions or oils to the area.
– Ask us about additional products that may be helpful.

– Dr. Bussell

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