Do hormone changes affect acne breakouts?

Yes, definitely.  Premenstrual breakouts are very common in women.  Stress that affects both men and women also change the body’s hormonal balance and can cause acne breakouts.  30 year-old hormonal changes in women, as well as 50 year-old menopausal hormone changes, can also affect the oil glands and increase acne breakouts.  In male teenagers, there can be an increase in testosterone during growth periods, and testosterone stimulates the oil glands.  Any hormonal stimulation of the oil glands results in more oil and, combined with bacteria, produces acne breakouts.

Routine treatments for acne breakouts include an antibacterial soap like the Bussell Skin Care Antibacterial Soap, topical or oral antibiotics, and topical drying agents such as the Bussell Skin Care normal to dry and oily skin cleansers, as well as in-office acid peels, incision and drainage of breakouts, and injections into the breakouts with anti-inflammatory medication.   In addition to these routine treatments, we also may recommend various oral medications to regulate hormone production.  It should be remembered that acne breakouts can be caused by multiple factors and therefore respond to varied treatments.  In my office, we individualize the treatment to the patient.

– Dr. Bussell

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3 thoughts on “Do hormone changes affect acne breakouts?

  1. I absolutely love Dr. Bussell’s oily skin cleanser! It’s like a toner that removes all of the oil and dirt from your skin each day. It’s amazing how well it works, especially in the warmer months of the year! I use it in addition to other products, but it has kept my acne breakouts to a minimum, even on my neck and chest.

  2. The Bussell skin care antibacterial soap helps to clean out my pores like a scrub. The cleanser is also wonderful for removing dead skin cells and oils from my face. It’s an excellent product to take away the dry skin, and after using the cleanser, my skin feels smooth and healthy.

  3. The trick is not put too much lotion on your face. I’ve used Oil of Olay since day one. I use less than a dime size. I also don’t use liquid foundation. I wash my face using washcloth when I take a shower, using liquid body wash.

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