Sal-Hydro Fade Formula™

Sal-Hydro Fade Formula™ is our revolutionary new product that has been used in prescription form in our medical office for years. Now we bring to you a new formulation that can be used without prescription. It can be used for such a large variety of skin conditions that it is extremely sought after and raved about by our patient population. It gives us great pleasure to be able to bring it to you directly. It can improve most of the common skin conditions we evaluate. Patients love it and we hope you will also. Men and women alike can benefit from this as well as our other products.

Sal-Hydro Fade Formula™ is a do it yourself at home peeling, bleaching medical formula specifically designed to peel and bleach the skin. The preparations are therapeutically beneficial for sun damaged skin and individual sunspots.  Used initially every second or third night, the frequency of application can be tailored to meet individual needs.  It has been used for years at Beverly Hills Dermatology Consultants.  Sal-Hydro Fade Formula™ has been specifically formulated by a dermatologist to help a variety of skin conditions including:

– Sun spots
– Acne scars
– Age spots
– Generalized sun damage
– Pre-cancerous skin lesions
– Discoloration of the skin caused by acne or other scars
– Active break outs
– Rosacea
– Fine lines and wrinkles

    This formula contains both a peeling agent and a bleaching agent.  It is intended to give the skin of the face, hands, arms, chest, legs and back a revitalization by causing peeling resulting in the formation of new, healthier skin cells and slowly bleaching away unsightly pre-cancerous as well as scar-induced brown spots.

    This treatment program takes time. Excitedly, you will feel a smoother texture with in a few days.

    Since Sal-Hydro Fade Formula™ works with the skin’s own rejuvenation cycles, you will see significant results in just 1-2 months. Your skin will be healthier and less prone to the development of skin cancers.

    Used regularly, individuals are amazed at the positive changes in the skin.

    Directions for use:

    This is a strong product that affects different people’s skin with varying degrees of desired temporary redness and peeling prior to reaching its full effect.  A mild amount of redness and peeling is desired.  Should the redness and peeling become too severe or painful, the product should be used less frequently.

    To Use:

    1. Thoroughly wash face
    2. Wait 5-15 minutes before applying the formula.  The liquid comes in a brown bottle.
    3. Dip a cotton swab (Q-tip) into the bottle.
    4. Rub the cotton swab in a test patch about the size of a quarter on the cheek in front of the right ear.
    5. Wait 24 hours and observe the reaction. There should be minimal to mild redness.
    6. If the reaction is severe then repeat the above steps but first wet the cotton swab in water before dipping it into the bottle.
    7. When the appropriate reaction is achieved, the next night apply the product over the entire area you wish to treat (fingertip or cotton swab can be used).
    8. If the face is the area to be treated then the first day apply the formula to one section of the face (for example the forehead)
    9. Once you know how the formula affects your skin you can apply it to the entire face and other affected parts of the body beginning every 2nd or 3rd night and then using more or less frequently depending on your skin’s individual response.
    10. The average person with average skin can use the formula every night.
    11. Individuals with extremely sensitive skin may only be able to use the formula once a week after wetting the cotton swab prior to use.  However, this will still result in an extremely beneficial effect on the skin.


    • Do not apply to active herpetic lesions (cold sores/fever blisters) as this will make them worse. Do not apply to areas of skin upon which you have previously had a herpetic lesion as this formula may allow an outbreak to occur.
    • Do not apply to areas of impetigo (oozing honey colored crusty lesions).
    • Do not apply to open or broken skin.
    • Do not get into the eyes or mouth or apply to the genital areas.
    • Do not apply to eczema or extremely dry skin

    Do apply to active acne lesions as this will help dry and reduce them.  This is a very safe formula when used with reasonable caution.  If you have any questions please call at 310-550-7661.  For any severe reactions consult your local physician, preferably a dermatologist.

    It is normal for this product to turn brown when exposed to air.  This will not change its effectiveness.

    If stinging occurs after application of formula, immediately apply cold water to stinging area and the stinging will subside but the effect will still be present. – $25.00   Order now

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